I want people to instantly associate Mistress Haylee to the Thoroughbred of Stables I realize that you are all different and finely tuned and you need special treatment along with your oat`s
Yes I have big plans for The New Stable, I hope to bring in a stud stallion to help me service the many broody Mares and cock sucking sissy boy fagot’s who hang around the stable door, yes you know your interested so instead of just reading this and jacking off then why not contact Me its so easy to join Don’t be in with the front runners then get lost like SHERGAR you need to google that
then contact me Mistress Haylee
and don`t forget that The New Stable will be mucking out on two sites and don`t forget to contact The Boss and check out all the other groups there is bound to be some thing to turn you on so the sooner you check out
the sooner you will see just what your missing.

  Mistress Haylee.

Karina is verified
On Oct 12, 2017 3:17 AM, “Karina Milf” wrote:
To THE BOSS and whom it may concern I Karina of the above email address would like to continue to use your site on several occasions and Verify my age and intentions to apply to use your adult site, I am a Mature Mistress/Domme and will always be known as Karina and should I be successful in obtaining a foothold on your great site then in return you could make use of my Blog to promote your interests be they a single selfie or a full site section.

Mistress Karina.


Goddess Selena: is verified. with admin

I’m glad you like it! That’s a wonderful idea I’ll make sure to do that now! I’ll let you know if I can’t ☺️
That sounds amazing! However I’m at university full time and also work a lot so I’m worried I wouldn’t be able to do the site the justice it deserves? What would the role entail?
– Selena x
Goddess Selena.

Many thanks for the information and offering us both membership on your great site

We will be joining   me as Dee   my email address will always be:
My partner needs to stand alone some times and also needs free access on your blogs or along with me.

  Dee  The Dogging Bitch.
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