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Dogging actually derives from the term ‘walking the dog’. It is a pastime that has evolved from blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples.

The ‘sport’ has now become much more organized and seedy – with regular meeting places, and more or less a free-for-all spirit. This year the newly created Ultimate Dogging Championships was held at Rivington nr Chorley, Lancs. Their were many disciplines including 10 Man Train, Pearly Rain, and Most Extreme slapper. The TV rights to next year’s event are currently in negotiation with a Dutch Satellite TV station.

“I’m just taking the dog out for a walk love”
“Okay, don’t be 5 hours this time, and try not to get so muddy”
Hi my name is Dee, some of you may have known me some time back when Ola ran this site she gave me free space on her notice board and quite a few of you contacted me asking me about where was their local dogging sites and even sent your pics in and one or two of you went along and got stuck in for want of a better word but the section did not take off like I intended.

Now Mistress Lily kindly given me a whole section of her site so we can get world coverage List dogging sites post your dogging pics ask your dogging questions and we hope that there will be much interest in this section.

You can remain anonymous, ask questions, send in your dogging pics for posting, my email is:


So lets see if we can get some action  LETS GO DOGGING. Dee

We hope to keep Dee`s World dogging all on one post if we can so please check daily

     After First clicking on” Dee`s dogging world” on the Tool Bar then scroll down

Its Dee here better known as doggingbitch, oh how I love that name, oh how I just love dogging

We had a busy season here in the UK and its not over yet but reports of it being much cooler and with the tail end of that hurricane that is heading this way Thanks to the Yanks for that sending it on to us from what we seen on our news then we all feel sorry for you all over that side the pond but try and keep them over there in future.

Because the colder weather will soon be on us then I think we should start looking for indoor venues for our Fun and I would also like to see if we can branch out and start a Glory-hole section and lets see if there is much interest in that like there is with World dogging, of course we now have a New Mistress running our site Goddessbird69 or the Boss and I don`t know how she feels about us on her site after all its some years now since we asked for a little space on the Notice Board and now we take up quite a lot of the site so I hope The Boss is into dogging and lets us continue or I feel sure that we can find a way to contribute to the running costs of this great site.


We are still looking for lots of your best dogging photos to post and get interest in our sport and now we hope to include glory-holes then please send your glory-hole pics in to me or the site  Now enjoy your dogging like me doggingbitch but always remember for safety then stay in a group and always practice SAFE SEX.





First Question.  sent in from U S A
Subject: Still setting up dogging encounters?
Still setting up dogging encounters?
Yes of course I do and even if I don`t go myself because of the distance I am still informed on a regular basis.
Let me know what part of the country you are and I will let you know If, Where, and when the next meet is held.

The Question : Does anyone know of dogging taking place in or near

Midwest. Near indy and Louisville
If yes then please contact Dee with any info you may have.
Take a look at this video about dogging in a smart car
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Dogging Is A Great Way To Meet For Sex

Dogging is the most exciting way anyone can have sex! But what is dogging? It’s the act of meeting strangers for sex, outdoors. It’s naughty, it’s risky, and it’s loads of fun. Many couples do it together as it adds a sexual thrill to their sex lives. But that’s not to say lone doggers aren’t welcome… Many groups welcome individuals to join their party! Meeting for strangers for sex is the pinnacle of sexual adventure (as long as you do it safely) and that explains why so many singles and couples are trying it in recent years.

What Makes A Great US Dogging Site?

By now you know you want to go dogging, but how do you choose the right US dogging site? A lot of things go into a great US dogging website. It needs to help connect like-minded people who want the same thing, in a safe and friendly atmosphere. It needs to protect confidentiality by allowing and encouraging members to be as discreet as possible. Doggers may be exhibitionists when they are out and about but that doesn’t mean they want it known in the office what they got up to on the weekend! The best online dogging sites also proactively check to make sure that members are genuine and fake profiles are removed fast.


Hello Dee,

I seen your dogging site online and I made up my mind to get out there and do some dogging so would like to know a few things and check out and hopfully have some knowledge from others out in the field, sorry for the pun.

Now I once heard that the best dogging site was a place called Stapleford Woods once said to be the dogging Capital of the UK, I then was told that there was lots of bad press and the Forestry commision called the police and between them closed it down but then I was told that there is still dogging going on if one looks in the right place, Dee do you know or can anyone tell me if Stapleford Woods is still a dogging venue ? Not sure but think this is the nearest area to where I live

I was also told that there was 2 or 3 dogging spots within about 20 miles of Stapleford, not sure of this but think this could have been set up after the Wood was closed down is there a waterfall near by ?

Dee, I dont mind if you publish my letter on your site and others who are interested in dogging contact me by email.

Regards Y B

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