Yes its now back to basics now all because I put my trust in that Bastard Checker and now all the hard work that Mistress OLa and her team then My colleagues was deleted at the blink of an eyelid, yes all gone and I can tell you the last time I well and truly shafted was at Uni by a teacher and I enjoyed that although it did get me expelled but Checker not only shafted me he shafted his self and all the team we had put together and YES THAT HURT US ALL.

Thank goodness most the team`s agreed with me that its back to basics so here is the present team who all say publish our email address along with their pics. Our site admin address

   Mistress Haylee, she calls her Group The Stable so why not contact Haylee to enquire about joing the Stable I been told that Mistress Haylee can make sure you get the ride of your life


The Postmistress, of course many of you know that`s Karina, who is going to run a Craigslist section but in general then Karina is a good all round Mistress the tart with a Heart is what Ola called her and what Karina does not know about being a Mistress then your bound to love serving her, You can put your stamp on her.

Monique, did you know that name is French for Madonna so she told me well she

  is Mistress Superior on our site and her section is called Monastery of Sin so no guessing what`s in store for you in there with Monique so why not contact this Superior looking lady and find out,

   Last but not least and bringing up the rear is Our Dom Master, Hey you better look over your shoulder with the Dom Master at your rear Fast Faster walk a bit faster LOL You would be shocked if you knew how many both guys and women who are wanting what he can offer, Are you one of them ?  if so then send your emails to         

May I just remind you that we are now back to basics and the sooner we can get back on the track the better so we all would like your support and NO ONE on our site is going to bite you and just a email saying Hi, hello or what ever to one or more from this list will show us that we are right to continue even if its back to basics So come on show us you Care.

Mistress Lily Mystique.