Though it’s pretty obvious that I am pretty new to this site and yes its the holidays and can contribute to slow activity but since I’ve been getting close to Mistress Lily and talking about different things we could do.

I would personally love to see a lot more from both Dommes and Subs as so they are not simply lurking around but contributing in some way.  Including questions for a possible future Q and A starring Me!  Goddess Gatita ♥

So long as it doesn’t cross the line as to what I would specifically say or do during an actual session.  This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your Goddess on a deeper level and of course fall deeper in love to make it a lot more harder to quit findomme and your Goddess.

Of course, I would personally like to communicate as much as appropriately possible with some of you little Oinklings, so long as you pay tribute for the day for the privileged to speak to me privately or you can comment down below and if you’re lucky you’ll get a reply.

I want this community to thrive.

Until next time.

-Goddess Gatita.

6 comments on “Slow Activity…

  1. Barnstormer,
    although your witty with words my friend,
    your curiosity may get you in the end,
    Mistress Haylee by whom your owned,
    would probably agree,
    your nose is best left on your face,
    because being a sub is not a race,
    you see buddy ole Barn
    the sub who is no more
    is because he could not leave his drama at the door

  2. What an absolute rubbishy ditty
    Must have been done by some titty
    Maybe it was the Boss
    Ifs so, she’s a total loss
    I’ll bet she won’t print this
    Because she thinks I’m a siss
    And I’ll give her a pic of my dick
    But she’ll have to be quick
    If she also wants her name on my cock
    And then to put it under lock

  3. In need of attention today Mr. Barn??
    Why must you be so negative??
    Are your panties in a wad??
    This bird will never be on your cock,
    and id never ask you to put it under lock,
    did you forget your a stud from a stable
    Tis Mistress Haylee that misses you best,
    truthfully you drive me crazy and can be a complete pest
    I enjoy feedback and responses from our followers
    if you must be negative please hold your tounge
    better yet, that lock your asking for on your cock
    may need to be used to keep your words on lock
    never forget
    I choose which cocks gets my name
    only those whom are worthy receive my blessing
    and they wear my name proudly
    and have no problem shouting out loudly
    “I am owned by Goddess Bird”
    in her nest ill always stay
    being her slave is the best
    losing my goddess would be more then a loss
    theres no other like her, shes a Beast Boss”
    listen to my tweet tweet mr barn
    i appreciate your attention to our site
    as im sure all the girls do
    but if your going to act like a little troll
    be expecting assigments for your smart ass remarks
    you have to much time on your hands you need something to do
    maybe ill message your owner
    she and I will come up with a plan
    you may want to be on your best behavior Mr Man

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