All fetish providers will need to email me at with introductions and profile information including your Twitter if you have one by 2/23/18.

(I have only heard from Dee, Haylee and Mistress Bird thus far. Please remit your information soon)

I will be making official profiles for the Domme Boudoir. Please submit your photos with your email so I can put faces to names if you don’t have Twitter. Those who do not reply will be removed from the listings.

The Domme Boudoir will be structured to allow each provider their own page/profile/thread for clientele to interact on.

Thank you,

Madame Chaya



3 comments on “Notice To All non-subs

  1. Madame Chaya,
    Allow me to introduce myself. I am Goddess Bird. . AKA The BOSS. I would like to welcome you to olafetish.
    The other ladies and I have worked very hard to build our site up to what it is today. We have all worked together. Every female Dominatrix who becomes a part of this site immediately what’s to come in and rearrange things to there liking, myself included, instead of you telling us what will stay and what will go let’s just do this.. Dees Dogging provides entertainment and many pictures to add to the site for your viewers to enjoy.. Mistress Consensual and her agency provides a service to subs to match compatibility with Dommes. Lily in admin is awesome. She goes out of her way to find guest Dommes. Mistress haylee and her stable offer services that not everyone will.. Please choose wisely as to whom you delete. This website belongs to each and every one of us who have helped create it.
    Nice to meet you,
    Goddess Bird

  2. Goddess Bird, it is my intention to ensure that current listings fit within the Dynamics of the Domme Boudoir. I don’t see that any profiles negate that, however, I would still like to hear from all the Dommes personally so I know who is actually active or not and I don’t want a bunch of Twitter Insta-dommes here…so I need to get to know who is here and ensure that we are providing REAL Findom experiences to finsubs…that is what I was inferring with my remark. I would have appreciated a personal email from you, though I know you are still active. Dee is a Fetishist and retains listing for Non-Domme services for which a new page has been created. So, all Dommes have a listing page with individual sub-pages to show organized profiles. Same for Non-Domme Services. I believe this may provide a good distinction for everyone, after all, this is a fetish site.

    I appreciate your input on the matters.

    Madame Chaya

  3. Also…given Karina’s listing, it was difficult to distinguish if she is a Fetishist or a Domme as nothing was mentioned of Domming although her title is Mistress. If anyone is able to clarify it would be appreciated.

    Madame Chaya

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