Here is a List of Mistresses & Masters who are working on the site.

More will be included when they join

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Now I was never lucky enough to meet Ola Fetish face on but she did contact me and made me the manager of her website a year or so ago then Bird or The Boss moved in and I was demoted to the admin area and for some time now I have had a strange feeling she was here before me.
Yes that’s right I am almost positive that Bird or The Boss is none other than Ola Fetish, of course I got no proof and if Bird is not Ola then she is working the site like she did with new ideas so Ola must be directing proceedings.
Lets look at the evidence, First the way she gets things done and other Mistresses respect her and her new theme of animal kingdom its a new idea never launched before and from what I heard of Ola then its some thing she would trial out and if you go to one of her posts she gave the game away
its title ” Ola to all our faithful followers” look yourself if you don’t believe me
Yes I think Bird is Ola The Top Dog The Top Bitch, the one who calls all the shots and keeps all the animals in line Her name may be Bird that flew off Noah’s Ark and sited land but who was stood on the deck of the Ark keeping order Was it Ola Fetish ? I will leave you followers to decide.

Lily in admin.

  Mistress Consensual

A  Agency to find the Right Mistress with the services you require


Ola Fetish World is happy to introduce  Black Widow to our site

Keep watching fot The Black Widow to enter her profile and info



  Miss Lexie:  sure hit the ground running with a big selection of pics and a large range of services and we can see why she wears her crown because we think she is going to be Queen of Hearts and get loads of followers:

Princess Blu :  Check out her First post We feel sure she can service all your requirements so go check her out now






Goddess Selena: Her lips are sealed with your secrets so contact her Now :




Mistress Haylee and her Stable

The Postmistress




Dom Master Carthage911


Mistress Lily Mystique Now known by her real name “The Greedy Bitch”


Our site admin address


Mistress Tammy

 Mistress Stacy and her Photo swap shop:

The doggingbitch = Dee:

Bird69  The Boss