Here is a List of Mistresses & Masters who are working on the site.

More will be included when they join Mistress Lily Mystique`s Community of selected Guest Mistresses and Masters.

Mistress Kate:

ABOUT ME  Mistress Kate.

I am a young Goddess based in the Uk who loves to have control over men. I am better than you wortless slave, sissys and losers. I wil take control of you from the moment we first talk. There will be no escaping my control. Be careful what you wish for.


  Lady Chelsea: Now here is one for the books our new Chelsea`s Alpha knows what she does and supports her maybe he is Cuckold who knows but there is only one way to find out and you can contact Lady Chelsea here :

Krolowa  Ola. on  her email is

  Miss Lexie:  sure hit the ground running with a big selection of pics and a large range of services and we can see why she wears her crown because we think she is going to be Queen of Hearts and get loads of followers:

Looser 😥 Hey guys we now have Goddess Loren on site, Now this Young Goddess knows what she wants and knows just how to go about getting it so why not contact her  now

Princess Blu :  Check out her First post We feel sure she can service all your requirements so go check her out now

Now here is a treat for all our friends from Germany will like She is Lady Lola Vavoom and this Lady can speak perfect English too and no doubt she can speak other languages and you will soon find out if you contact her and ask;



Hi Guy`s and Gal`s now that we have Mistress Lily working mainly in admin and she is spreading the word about our great site and a fine selection of Mistresses then they have started to come over to this site.

Here is another New Mistress only 18 years young nd fresh she goes by the name of Goddess Luna her email


This is Mistress Sammie we are pleased she joined our Team

You can contact her at this address or


Goddess Selena: Her lips are sealed with your secrets so contact her Now :

  Mistress  Mature.   Chastity-Blackmail
There isnt a contract- I dont Need One. when the 3 obligatorys are in place then Il own your ass For however long is agreed . if you can’t handle it don’t contact me because if you step out of line I will ruin you and not think twice about it.
I also enjoy foot slaves shopping slaves humiliating subs, pay pigs, and pets also baby play BE CLEAR I Do Not Have Sex With Anyone You Are NOT now and Never will be Worthy I EXPECT TO BE OBEYED AT ALL TIMES contact Mistress Mature :

Queen Mary


Mistress Haylee and her Stable

The Postmistress

Removed S C



Dom Master Carthage911


Mistress Lily Mystique Now known by her real name “The Greedy Bitch”


Our site admin address


Mistress Tammy

Mistress Stacy and her Photo swap shop:

The doggingbitch = Dee:

Bird69  The Boss