I said this to Angel the other night.. Maybe not quite so eloquently as I kind of added some of the poetry to it after the fact, but the message here is exactly what I said to her and I truly meant it from the bottom of my heart!  Angel’s response did not involve words at all, but led to some of the best sex we’ve had in a long time (with me remaining locked of course; 5 months and counting!)

So without further ado, simple but very meaningful…

MISTRESS CONSENSUAL:  At Last I have brought out my Contact form.

You can now tell Me what you are searching for in a Mistress and tell us just what your Fetish is and we will try and match you to the sort of Mistress that you desire and even if you have already got your eye on a Mistress its a lot of fun filling out my New style Form and you remain anonymous too so go on take a look anyways.  Mistress Consensual

Mistress Consensual Agency Application Form 0 – 5-1


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This next section is in a Temporary position while the Powers that be work on a new ABOUT US section.

Domination With

Mistress Lily Mystique and The Boss`s Community of selected Guest Mistresses and Masters.

Some thing interesting is going down 

Well it all started when Mistress Haylee posted
A question for Admin about CBF
Then some one called Barnstormer posted a comment :
Well said My Mistress Haylee. I really like/enjoy You.

Then before our site admin had opened their eyes Bird69 or to use her real Mistress name Goddess bird69 made a reply to Mistress Haylee and her Stable in the form of another long comment and our admin thought that this answer deserved to be seen and read by all who visit our site so its now in its rightful place on the opening page of the site.

Goddess bird69

The correct way to approach this would have been to message us both in private. I’ll answer your questions and try to ease any apprehension you may have regarding ownership, CBF and its role with the website. In reading thru prior post it is clear that changes are coming. Will I be the new BOSS? I have been graciously been allowed the time by the powers that matter to make my decision.
As a true BOSS does, I am taking a moment to weigh out what assets I may convey into our website. We need not forget this is a public group for mistresses and masters to post what they like, with that being said there thoughts and opinions will be taken into highest consideration.
I am A BOSS. I understand your concerns regarding your fan club of stAble lovers and your services . This site will change and change again.
I assure you as a true BOSS I have no concern for fans. My job would be to promote and assist in the success of the site. Most real BOSSES aren’t concerned with popularity. Whatever the powers that be and I choose, everyone’s voice will be heard…. good day
Goddess Bird69 ✌✌✌✌✌✌

Well for wan`t of a better saying then Admin thinks that`s put the cat among the pigeon’s what do you think is membership Form about to make a come back remembering that this site started and was very successful with Mistress Ola, “will it be returning it sounds and looks like its still going down in Haylee`s Stable or will The Boss if she does take command and put a stop to it like Mistress lily thought she had ? here in admin we are as much in the dark about this like all you followers and members so maybe you will let us know what you think and in stead of one liners on comments maybe send emails and we will publish the best ones.

This post was compiled by Admin.

Hi guys and gals and all of you that have not made your minds up just what you are or those that`s a little of both.

Well for some time now we have been looking for some more Mistresses and Masters and trying to get the best selection of any website online and a few come and go

Mistress Lily Mystique.

What is Financial Domination? and How YOU can serve a Mistress.

Hello, my name is Lily Mystique.
I am a young and sexy student looking to  follow on in Mistress Ola`s footsteps and have the best site of this nature online and collect many submissive Male & Female members interested in joining my Lagoon. I am the youngest Mistress you will find online so if you’re looking for some excitement then why not check this site out.
Some of you may know that I was invited to join this site nearly one year ago and when Ola wanted some time out she asked all you loyal followers to vote a new mistress to take over the site lock stock and barrel, Yes that’s me Mistress Lily
At first I said that I would change the theme and even thought about kicking out all the other Mistresses but then I thought under Ola then this was always a open site a place where other Mistresses like Haylee could come along and start there own section, yes there was opportunities Like Ola gave me for any Mistress to come along and make a name for them self so for the time being then I am not about to change that and if any Mistress is looking to form a group or a Master for that matter then contact Me.
Mistress Lily Mystique promise you all that she would have Big changes on this site and she sure started to do that with the Help of her Mistresses, Out went the words Consensual blackmail the site sub title is now   “Lily`s Safe Deposit For Dark Secrets”   And there was always more than one Mistress on our site and now Mistress Lily & her Mistresses and a few Masters all under the same group called  ” Mistress Lily Mystique`s Community of selected Guest Mistresses and Masters.”



.Bitchboy Caged.






Your Bitchboy sent you £50.00 GBP
Note from Bitchboy
quote Many thanks for the loan and Yes it will be £100 at the end of each month for sure. quote
Mistress Lily.          Why not check us out on
                                                                            Don`t forget to come back here so Bookmark us.


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