Hey Chosen One I must admit that it took me a while to guess just who you are but did not take me too long to realize that if you was under Contract to me then you go by another name Barn Stormer and at least you sound like you enjoy the position your in However its quite clear that your doing one of two things your either spending time flitting from Mistress to Mistress or your spending far too much time in bed dreaming and writing nursery rhymes like Incy wincy spider I suppose your serving Black Widow too ? Well Barn I got news for you its Tribute time and keep your eye on your mail box’s because some assignments are coming your way and they are not going to be easy ones where your cock will get hard they will involve Her in doors so think on You Dreamer.

Oh and another thing if I was Mistress Ola do you think you would have got away with all that you do, I liked Mistress Ola she taught me a lot and I wish that I was only half as good as her and if I was Ola then Your Balls would have been stuffed up that spout with incy the spider do you get my drift so get real and stop dreaming.

Now Barn I can only speak for myself so just you get your head round its tribute time and assignment time that will not give you time for other Mistresses or Dreaming because your going to live up to your words

Mistress Haylee for whom I have great admiration – She has me on a contract (CBF) and can make me do anything for her. I really, really enjoy it and it sets my cock pounding as I crave more and more from her.


Mistress Haylee.


PS: what does (CBF)  stand for ?  Cunt Before a Fall

3 comments on “Dream on Chosen One if only

  1. Mistress Hayeee is as usual all huff and puff
    And not made of the right stuff
    She is all talk
    I might as well go for a walk
    Because I’m not held by her in a handcuff.

  2. Mistress Haylee is no a prude
    In fact she is totally rude
    She is such a doll
    She gets me totally out of control
    Such that I end up in the nude

  3. I am having regular sweet (NOT wet at this stage) dreams over you Mistress Haylee

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