Hi, My name is Ivana Cardiff or like I hope you will call me Mistress Consensual some weeks ago I noticed this website offering Mistresses a guest spot on their site so having been in the trade for some years and armed with a few new ideas then I applied to join up along with my idea of a Agency, no ordinary agency My idea is to let you subs/slaves and perverts all fill in a application form telling the Agency Why and what type of a Mistress or indeed Master just what your looking for, all your forms would be available for all the other Guest Mistresses to check out I even plan that the agency could be a market place to lodge subs/slaves contracts Yes you read it right Contracts and forms for sale did you know that these contracts and forms change hands for a small fortune but more of that in a few days.

I applied to join your site and got told in no uncertain words by Goddess Bird that No way could I do what I wanted to do on her Animal Kingdom site so started to look elsewhere then after a few days I had a email from a higher authority and I was told that my idea sounded good and if I kept it separate from Animal Kingdom and if I was willing to let guest Mistresses browse over the subs forms and check out contracts that have been lodged with The agency then I could make full use of olafetish.com admin so would like to thank the higher authority for giving me this chance because I think subs and slaves should all get a chance to say just what their Fetish is and what they are looking for So I need to get cracking on some forms but anyone can contact me by email  mistress4cd@gmail.com

Special note for subs, slaves, perverts of all kinds, How often have you seen Mistresses, Goddesses, Findom`s asking YOU what you want ? No I don`t think you have and how ever long a list of services offered there is always delicate things and things you don’t like to say so by starting this agency then its going to work not only for subs/slaves its going to help everyone concerned so why not make contact now and find what your looking for.

Mistress Consensual.



Consensual Agency now Trading.

The Agency section for buying and selling  Contracts and Filled out Forms is now off to a flying start.

Anyone interested in buying or selling both long and short running already in operation Documents should contact me Mistress Consensual on mistress4cd@gmail.com

Guest Mistresses and Masters on this site will get first refusal but others can apply to get their hands on these very profitable bargains.


No 100    Mr GS   Lives TUCSON  AZ 8571   USA

No 101    Mr NB    Lives NORWICH NORFOLK  UK.

No 102    screwme-often    DONCASTER S YORKS  UK

No 104   Daniel H    Lives Halifax area  UK

No 105   Randy  P——   Lives Harrodsburg  Kentucky 403– USA    details loaded       12/6/2017

No 106   Sissisindi     Lives in London  SE10 – – –  X Caretaker good sound contract  details loaded 12/12/2017

Just like to assure you these contracts are well worth checking out, and with more pics/forms and info coming in daily then make www.olafetish.com your first daily call.      Ivana  Mistress Consensual.