In view of the number of entries that have flooded in so far to My Competition, the amount of work involved in sorting through them, I have decided to extend the closing date at this stage to 31 August 2017. However, if entries continue at the current rate of flow this date may also change.

Further, I am now telling You subs to classify your Cock entries with My pics into one of the following categories:

  • The Oldest Cock – here You will also need to give Me Your age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The longest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Smallest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Thickest Cock – here You will need to give Me the circumference of Your Cock at the thickest point on Your shaft
  • The Youngest Cock – here You will need to give Me Your age which must be no lower than 18 years – You must be of legal age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The Horniest Cock – here You must be between 18 to 25 years old. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)

All pics entered in My Competition must have My name printed on Your Cock and display at least 2 of My pics – see example 1 below.

Example 1

Below I have displayed a number of other entries received of Cocks that do not meet the above criteria, but that’s not to say that those submitters can redo their entries in the competition if they wish to meet all of the above criteria.

Please note that I may soon move this post to My “About Me” page.

If You would like Exposure, then My Competition is the way to go with a pic of Your Dick with My name on it along with 2 pics of Me from My dropbox at:

Remember your entry is to be sent to Me at: no later than 31 August 2017.

A few horny Dick pics recently sent to me follow (I have oodles more of these that I will add gradually to this post):


In addition to the above main competition, I would like you to all to send in pics of Cocks You have found online on any websites. You may send these in to My email address  (as above) clearly labelled “Cocks Online“. You can send these in anonymously or if you wish with Your Name and the Country You live in. The later information will help me gauge in what Country most viewings of My website take place.

Mistress Stacy

Mistress Stacy Competition – Update 3

Those entries to My competition are NOW starting to flood in. You better hurry as there is only a matter of days left before it closes.

Below is another entry selected at random that has been received.

It is Me hiding in the bushes waiting to pounce on some Wanker that needs his truncheon exercising.

Mistress Stacy

Mistress Stacy Competition – Update 2

Well, well, what have we here?  A video of Billy the Wanker going all out with his cock in an endeavour to attract my attention. He sure done that. It was a bit of  a quicky and blurred though!  I have asked him to do it again a bit slower as good things take time. Can any  goat, Gruff or other wise, out do My Billy the Wanker  – at least outlast him.

Mistress Stacy

PS: A Wank a Day keeps the Doctor away and Your Mistress Happy

Meet Samantha

Hi Loyal followers and Cavern members Here is a new sub of mine who is called Samantha who lives in the North of England and guess what Sam is just like a lot of subs she loves dressing up, cross dressing and is an out and out cock whore who is longing to suck some cockand Sam says it will be a first but I got the feeling that he/she is holding out on Mistress and his wife and sucked cock before but have no fear Sam you will be sucking cock soon or my name`s not

Mistress Karina.

  Meet Samantha and if you wan`t your cock sucked by Samantha then send in a pic of your cock

remain anonymous just send to



Competition – First Entry Received

This is the first entry that,I have received for the competition. It is My Sub Slave Racey who looks like he was in a hurry to cum on My pic given he had just had a brief encounter with the law over my pics on Police cars and the entrance to the Police Station. Surely there will be a better entry provided than this one.

Come on Racey You and Your fellow Sub Slaves can do better than this for Me or I may have to consider taxing Your Dicks according to the table under the tab “About Me”. There would be no relief available and it would be a flat rate tax applicable on a weekly basis no matter what the size of Your Dicks.


Mistress Stacy

Competition – Update 1

Please oh please be careful where you are putting My pics in Public Places. I have just been advised by one of My Sub Slaves that he plastered My pics over several Police cars and the Police Station entrance only to have his phone/camera and My pics seized and confiscated by the Police. He further tells me that they have given him a written warning and that he will not face charges.

He has told me that he will submit an entry shortly, but he had his heart set on his entry being the Police cars and the Police station plastered with My pics.

Mistress Stacy

Mistress Haylee the Young but strict Mistress

Is anyone interested in Consensual blackmail ?

If yes the hit me up and tell me and in the meantime leave your dick alone for a time and go take a look at my other site then you can play with it, be a fool not too

my email is

Competition – Show Me What You Can Do!!

The winner’s entry from My competition will appear on this and maybe other Websites – this will be the winner’s prize. Other entries may also appear on Websites.

Requirements of the competition:

  1. Do a print out (A4 size and in colour) of Me from My pics in my drop box at:


  1. Click on one of my videos at:


  1. As you watch My video, Stroke off on the print out You have taken from My drop box.


  1. Video or take photos (at regular intervals) of You stroking off and cuming on My pic.


  1. Send Your video or photos to Me at: together with Your full name and address with every entry or, a scanned copy of one of your recent utility accounts. If however You wish to remain anonymous, then a small Amazon UK tribute should be sent to Me to prove Your entry is genuine,.


  1. All entries must be received by Me no later than Monday 31 July 2017.


  1. A panel of 3 Judges (including myself) will decide which entry wins and no correspondence will be entered into either during the competition or afterwards.


NOTE: The person with the biggest Dick may not win this competition. It could be a teeny todger, some other original idea, or a strategically placed pic of Me in a very public place.

I have already had nibbles from one of My Sub Slaves who is dying to get himself exposed through My competition. I understand he will be sending me a sample to add to this post very soon. See if you can better him when the pic is posted.

Mistress Stacy

Here is my Sub Slaves exposure with 2 of My pics:

Racey Stacey’s Club Membership And Holiday Pics

Join my Club Membership NOW while it is free to join! The numbers joining already exceed my expectations. I may eventually need to bring in a membership subscription.  Don’t delay. It could be that when you want to join later that there may well be a membership subscription required.

My Club membership form you need to complete is below. Click on it and it will open for you.

Club Stacy Form – CSF

Remember to complete the form and return it to me at:  Don’t delay or you could miss out on a once in a life time opportunity.

With joining My Club you can effectively cum on holiday with me by getting regular personal email updates from me with photos.

Below are some recent pics taken of me whilst on holiday. Don’t you wish you were here with me to service my and your every day needs?

If you would like a personalised photo of me, send me a £10 Amazon UK gift voucher to my email address and specify which picture or type of picture you would like signed by me. Your gift voucher will be added to my undies fund.

Mistress Stacy



Racey Stacy’s Club

Welcome to Mistress Stacy’s Club – a bit like Club Med and the ultimate place to experience. This is the place where male and female sub slaves get absolute top service from me. I can assure you that you will cum to an incredible climax every time you contact me. Have you the courage and guts to cum and join my group as a sub slave? If so, please email me ( and I will send you an application form (Club Stacy Form – CSF) for you to complete along with some sexy photos of me. Just return the completed application form together with three or four photos of yourself that you feel may compete with mine. If you would like to experience the ultimate challenge then just ask for my Consensual Blackmail Form (Stacy’s CBF) and I will send that instead of the CSF.

Mistress Stacy