Mistress Haylee – Domme

What is Financial Domination?


In the world of BDSM there are a number of fetishes that relate to all manner of specific things. Some men like to be told that they have tiny penises, others want to dress up in women’s clothes

Financial Domination, or FinDom as it is known, is a fetish where the submissive finds it sexually pleasing to have some, or all, of his hard earned money spent by a figure that he believes to be superior to him.
Make certain that there are no illusions of what a slave is getting from me and what they can expect. It is then up to each individual to make their own informed opinion.
There are stops in place where I can step in and let them know that I believe they are going too far.

If you have read this far then why not find out more about the Buzz you will get having a Mistress control your life and join My stable you can email me and remain anonymous on haylee_bristol@mail.com

Now many of you know that some of us Mistresses Share sites, I am one of those and I share a Big World site with other Mistresses you will find us at : http://www.olafetish.com and yes you will find the same services on there, so you can even join My stable t and now to a subject that I am often asked about Consensual Contracts, Yes you read that right and it used to be applied regular and yes it still goes on mostly behind closed doors or curtains and I still get lots of requests to provide the same service and contracts like I used to and half the excitement is the filling and sending of the contract and I plan to provide the service and CBF documents just like I used to So if you think you would be interested in finding out more then just email me and ask for a Stable application form.

Mistress Haylee


                       Got a feeling 2018 is going to be a Stable Year.

Now what make me think that your saying, well since my last post then quite a few of you have wrote to me asking for a membership form and that just shows how easy it is to join Mistress Haylee`s Stable and just look at this one he even got the right name for him/her so that saves me giving a name.


Mistress Haylee, could you please send me an application form to join your stable.

I feel that I will bring something more colourful to your stable in that I am a cross dresser. I really love wearing women’s silk underwear. I have enclosed a pic of me wearing such.

My fetish started off with wearing my sisters under wear and then I couldn’t stop. I now have several draws full, many of which I have purchased but some I fancied when I saw them on other peoples clothes lines (I liked them so I just took them to add to my now extensive collection.

You must admit mistress that I look really sexy in them.

Once I receive you application form to join your stable Mistress I’ll complete it and return it immediately.

I have always wanted to serve a real Mistress and I am absolutely certain you will make my dream come true.


A Merry Christmas Message from Master Shango


It’s that time of the year to be jolly, and here I am, making sure you all stay sexy and sexual thought this Christmas holidays.

It’s been a long time since I found myself using WordPress.  I always assumed this blog platform was never suitable for making erotic posts the likes I usually do.  But since I’ve given the keys to the kingdom, I have no other choice but to utilise it to my fullest potential.  I will, of course, require your patience and loyalty in remaining true followers of my message.  And that message, those of you that have been following through various social media, have read my books or visited my various blogs, ought to know what it is that I preach.

Even though this is Christmas, doesn’t mean that some of you aren’t out there dabbling in some Cuckoldry fun.  Or if you aren’t, then I know you’re thinking about it.

As you sit at home with your spouse beside you opening up presents with your kids, or sharing in the Christmas spirit with your neighbours and family members, always leave a little space in the back of your mind for some cuckold fetish.  For most husbands, this would be the prefect day to get the wife to wear that sexy Christmas lingerie he bought her months before.  What better time than now for a wife to reveal to her husband her slutty side; why wait till Valentine’s Day to do that?

What would even be great to close the day with is inviting her lover over to fuck her in her Christmas lingerie while you, her husband, sit on a chair across the room and watch.  It would be just like other fun times, except this being one of those special holidays that comes around once a year, what better time it would be to watch another man stretch out your wife for you.  If possibly, humiliate you in the presence of your lovely wife . . .

Won’t you like that, cuck-boi?




Won’t it be even pleasant making the holiday more sumptuous than inviting your Black Master over into your home to share in the Christmas revelry?  What better way to introduce him to your extended family than that?  And hope that it gets so late he can’t drink back home anymore and decides to sleep on the sofa or in the spare bedroom.  And late at night, while everyone else is asleep, your wife can creep over to get some Black Cock dosage for him.  And pray that he climaxes inside her and she returned to you with her pussy dripping with his seed.

I look forward to hearing from you all later.  But for now, Merry Christmas!


Mistress Karina – Domme

        Consensual Financial Submissive



sissies should visit @Olafetish for #consensual #exposure http://olafetish.com #humiliation #findom it does this2u

Mistress Karina`s Cavern members Form    Click on this for the form   Karina members form


I hereby acknowledge that this information is freely and voluntarily given. I am under no coercion to give the below information and do so because I wish to serve Mistress Karina

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Write a letter to your parent or partner or Parents stating your nastiest fantasy and sign your full name at the end. Comments of any other information you would like to add just for the thrill of it. Also a photo of yourself in a comprising manner must be attached.



Sign or Type your name here


I understand that by sending this document to Mistress Karina without any coercion that she can use any information and any photos that I supply in any way she wishes. I enter this agreement fully aware of my commitment to Mistress Karina and give her full permission to use any information I provide   NONE OF THIS IS REVENGE PORN  Send the Form back to  karinamilf4u@gmail.com
Any information and photos can be used by Mistress to enforce this agreement, I do this of my own free will.

Sign or Type your name again for this update  here.—- >


Old businessready for you

Go look at The Postmistress on www.olafetish.com

Puppy play

Puppies! It’s almost Christmas and you wanna know what would make this year extra special for both of us? If we locked your shrimp tail away in chastity and I wore the keys around my neck for at least until New Year’s Day 😈 Puppies belong in cages when they don’t deserve to be petted 🐶

My email: Selenaslife@outlook.com

All enquiries welcome 🔐 Your secrets are safe with me.

Yours never, Selena the schoolgirl brat and puppy master

Another one open for offers.

Consensual Agency now Trading.

The Agency section for buying and selling  Contracts and Filled out Forms is now off to a flying start.

Anyone interested in buying or selling both long and short running already in operation Documents should contact me Mistress Consensual on mistress4cd@gmail.com

Guest Mistresses and Masters on this site will get first refusal but others can apply to get their hands on these very profitable bargains.


No 100    Mr GS   Lives TUCSON  AZ 8571   USA

No 101    Mr NB    Lives NORWICH NORFOLK  UK.

No 102    screwme-often    DONCASTER S YORKS  UK

No 104   Daniel H    Lives Halifax area  UK

No 105   Randy  P——   Lives Harrodsburg  Kentucky 403– USA    details loaded       12/6/2017

Just like to assure you these contracts are well worth checking out, and with more pics/forms and info coming in daily then make www.olafetish.com your first daily call.      Ivana  Mistress Consensual.

You need to please any Mistress

Contract or not on Consensual contract you need to please a Mistress in many ways.

Not just sexually just watch the Cougar in the video being pleased and after you watched it then make up your mind do you want to please a Cougar like Mistress Karina, does it excite you if the answer is yes and if you want to please Me Contract or no contract then contact me at karinamilf4u@gmail.com

Enjoy watching The Cougar being pleased then make up your mind   http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/YouPorn_-_what-a-good-little-wifey

Best to Copy and Paste the link in your own Browser if you like watching lots of videos


Services offered on website olafetish.com

Just a few of the services offered to anyone who joins The Nest and if any interest you then why not make contact Now.

Consensual Blackmail… be prepared to answer a list of questions and pay tribute

Sissy training…  be prepared assignments will be given, completed homework will need to be done and tribute will have to be paid up front

Impact play

Cock and ball torture

Ball Busting

Small Penis Humiliation

Toe and foot play



Corporal punishment

Wallet Raping

Sugar Daddy/ sugar baby arrangements

Nurse Medical Play

Role play… teacher student; nurse patient,

Strap on and pegging play

Bondage sessions

Financial Domination

Web caming



Contact me directly a


If there is any other Fetish that your seeking then please Ask Goddess Bird/ The Boss


Hello again, Puppies

Hello puppies! It’s been a while, and I’m sure you’ve missed me! As you know I study as well as work which means I sometimes get caught up in my school work! You’re never too far from my mind though 😉

I’m always reachable by email (even if I do not reply immediately) so feel free to contact me here:


to tell me your deepest fantasies and secrets and how much you wish to serve me 🐶

Reminder to all potential puppies, since I am a student I prefer tributes if you want my attention, time is money after all 👑

i thought I’d be sweet and give you a quick little peep into what you’re missing without me 💸