Looking for Mistress Scarlett

Dear Mistress Tammy.
I was recently lookng on your site and saw a wonderful mistress by the name of Scarlett. I was all ready to take the plunge, fill out the registeration form and make contact with Mistress Scarlett.
I was just wondering what has happened to her as she doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore. Would anybody be able to put me in contact with her?
I also saw that there were many pictures of men with the name of there mistress written on their cocks. I have one done that was for Mistress Scarlett that i have attatched.
Hope someone can help.   My  email           soloyal@mail.com

Mistress that used to be on olafetish.com please contact

This Post is a message to let a very good Mistress from the past Who originates from the Chelmsford area UK that if she sorted her problems out Then her role of Mistress on this site is still available for her and she`s been sadly missed and can return at any time she likes, full time or part time the position is still open and you could return and continue where you left off and no one would be the wiser because only you know the reason so please mail admin at   olafetish@yahoo.com

Here is a few of the subs from the past, are you on here ? keep watching because lots more to follow soon
Whats that saying, “Once seen never forgot So a small tribute to the sexy undies fund makes sence dont you think ?
It just goes to prove Consensual blackmail is still alive and doing well although now under a different name so why not ask for a CBF document and do the test.
Mistress Haylee.

Stacy`s Racy Photos

Well we all now know just who the Mystery female is on that previous post.

It was A female called Stacy and she was checking our site out and I am pleased to say that Stacy wants to join our ranks and be known by the name “Mistress Stacy” and she is going to start a group sort of a Photo swap shop for want of a better word and I know for starters that Stacy got a Drop box overflowing with pics to show you all in good time, But for now then Stacy would like you to send in some pics of yours.

They could be pics of a Wife,Girlfriend,Husband, boyfriend,and she feels sure that at one time or another then most of us have been dumped/divorced left in the lurch so come on you all have pics that you want the world to see, So why not send them in to Stacy and for every one that you send in then she will post one of hers, You can even  remain anonymous just email your pics to Stacy or this site and they will go online so what you waiting for   amatuerstacy@yahoo.co.uk

If you see your photo on our site and you don’t like it then just email olafetish@yahoo.com and say Lily please could you remove my photo, and it will be removed.

Escort service for all, place Free adverts


This site will now carry adverts and postings with photo`s to cover all manner of Escort services.

So if you are already a Guest Mistress on this site then please feel free to make use of this much needed service and post your adverts and for all those that would like to post adverts on the site but are not Guests on our site then please contact Mistress Lily   olafetish@yahoo.com

We offer this service to create more interest in the site, its a free service and our site gets lots of hits World wide so should be very interesting once it gets off the ground so “Dont forget keep looking at the site and who knows what you will find what ever country you live.

Your not out the woods Far from it.

Hi Guys and girls,

Its Mistress Lily Mystique with a very important update to bring some of you down to earth there is a rumour circulating online that the Checker done lots of you a favour when he wiped nearly everything off olafetish site web site and your now free NOT TRUE FAR FROM IT

I am sorry to be the bearer of this news but if your serving a Mistress or Master on the site then I am afraid that most of you are under contract

Mistress Ola is not stupid and that goes for most if not all of the Mistresses on the site

Yes that Traitor did destroy most of the posts and even emptied the site admin Library but every Mistress always keeps her own files, every photo sent in was sent to individual Mistresses and Masters, none I repeat None was sent to our website and all contracts and pieces of information is kept on your Mistresses computers and I have asked each Mistress including the ones no longer with us to send me every pic they have relating to their clients of course I don`t expect them to send me contracts but there could be some popping up on the site very soon.

What do I propose to do with all the hundreds of photo well first thing then I will re stock the site Library and because only with a admin pass can one see those pics so I plan to have a field day they will all be posted on the site with access from the Tool Bar they will remain there and if you want them removed then you need to ask Me Mistress Lily.

So I think if you have ever contacted a Mistress on this site then its advisable to contact that Mistress in regards to where you stand on this.

All those pics posted on here should create a lot of interest don`t you think ?

You have been warned.

Very important News,Don`t Mail the Checker He`s a Traitor.

Mistress Lily here,

I would like all our loyal members and new comers  to accept my sincere apologies about the state of our website, Yes its been badly Sabotaged by none other than Checker its my own fault I put him in a position where he could do that I trusted him and you can see just what damage he`s done.

He Wiped out and destroyed lots of posts I think I was lucky to save the few that was left,

Checker will not get away with this and both Mistress Haylee and myself have lots of info on file on him, We even have a photo of his house in New Zealand, name of the street and number and loads of photos and a utility Bill That very soon his nearest and dearest are going to find out about.

HE WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE`S DONE  So keep watching this site.

In the meantime its going to take me some days maybe weeks to get back on track so I would like your support and even help in bringing the checker down and a few words of consolation from Both Mistresses and sub`s would be appreciated by All concerned.

My email :   Mistress_Lily@webname.com

And to Mail the site admin  : olafetish@yahoo.com

Oh by the way for your loyalty and sticking by us in our hours of need while we get the site looking like it should be, Then there is no membership Fee what so ever and all Mistresses and Masters can use their own emails so basically its OPEN HOUSE you can contact who you like but I feel sure that any small tribute would be much appreciated by the Mistress of your choice.

And don`t forget keep your eye open for the EXPOSURE of that bastard Checker and spread his exposure World Wide.

Mistress Lily.