Mistress Stacy – Domme

Hi guys its been a while since I posted but now I am back with a bang please check out my pics They are Free but contact me for the video albums and if you want to play then its simple contact me  mistress_stacy@hotmail.com

DONT FORGET BOYS YOUR NAUGHTY PICS SENT IN TO ME WILL ALL BE UPLOADED TO MY DROP BOX  so if you want to see your self then send your naughty selfie`s to me.


And like most other Mistresses a small teeny Tribute would be very welcome so stop stroking that pin dick and join my group and dont forget to check out all the others who make up this easy to get about site, lots of love Racy Tracy.





A Christmas Wish from a sub to ALL on Ola Fetish World.

Hi Guys and Girls its Lily from Admin here, The Boss Goddess Bird is having problems with her computer so when this Christmas Greeting was sent in by a regular sub visitor to our site then she said the greeting was meant for everyone who contributes to making our site one of the Best online so The Boss ordered Admin to post the Greeting on her site.

The Greeting

Ola fetish world is the place to be

I have even heard it has a Christmas tree

There is the Boss Goddess Bird69

For whom I have plenty of time

Then there is Mistress Haylee with her stable

Who has shown to me she is more than able

In admin there is Mistress Lilly Mystique

With her my experience has been quite unique

Then there is the multitude of other mistresses and masters also working on the site

There is ever so much to excite

To all at Christmas on OLA FETISH WORLD I wish you all the best

I am sorry that throughout the year I have been such a pest/pain to you all



The Boss would like to Thank sub Barnstormer personally for such a nice and well worded Greeting and would sub Barnstormer please contact her on birdsnest4u@gmail.com because she says she may have an offer that he could very well be interested in.

Post submitted by Lily in Admin.

Another one open for offers.

Consensual Agency now Trading.

The Agency section for buying and selling  Contracts and Filled out Forms is now off to a flying start.

Anyone interested in buying or selling both long and short running already in operation Documents should contact me Mistress Consensual on mistress4cd@gmail.com

Guest Mistresses and Masters on this site will get first refusal but others can apply to get their hands on these very profitable bargains.


No 100    Mr GS   Lives TUCSON  AZ 8571   USA

No 101    Mr NB    Lives NORWICH NORFOLK  UK.

No 102    screwme-often    DONCASTER S YORKS  UK

No 104   Daniel H    Lives Halifax area  UK

No 105   Randy  P——   Lives Harrodsburg  Kentucky 403– USA    details loaded       12/6/2017

Just like to assure you these contracts are well worth checking out, and with more pics/forms and info coming in daily then make www.olafetish.com your first daily call.      Ivana  Mistress Consensual.

Services offered on website olafetish.com

Just a few of the services offered to anyone who joins The Nest and if any interest you then why not make contact Now.

Consensual Blackmail… be prepared to answer a list of questions and pay tribute

Sissy training…  be prepared assignments will be given, completed homework will need to be done and tribute will have to be paid up front

Impact play

Cock and ball torture

Ball Busting

Small Penis Humiliation

Toe and foot play



Corporal punishment

Wallet Raping

Sugar Daddy/ sugar baby arrangements

Nurse Medical Play

Role play… teacher student; nurse patient,

Strap on and pegging play

Bondage sessions

Financial Domination

Web caming



Contact me directly a


If there is any other Fetish that your seeking then please Ask Goddess Bird/ The Boss


Herere’s how this is going to work

As you can all see im back. Allow me to put a few things out there so we can cut the bullshit. I had zero intention of coming back. Im still questioning my sanity with this. When I was approached by Lily she continously asked me to take over this position. i weighed out all my options, took into consideration all the positives and negatives, went over ways to bring our stats up and increase our visitors and made my decision. I forewarned everyone that changes were coming. yes I asked yall to verify. in the state legal age of consent is 18. being that i am promoting our site on adult forums that are US based I have to be very careful. IP addresses can be traced.. theres a little info for you ladies that want to be anonymous. if i ask you to verify which im still requesting it lets me know whose still active on this site and it also allows me the oppurtunity to have some one on one time to dicuss things that are going on with the site. I will nevevr askof yall to do something I woluldnt domyself and I would never do anthing to putt the site in harms way. my job is to protect and efficently run this site.i cant do it alone but i also refuse topartiipate if the right hand doesnt now what the left hand is doing….so QUIT FIGHTING THE CHANGES AND HELP ME MAKE OUR KINGDOM GREAT!!!!! ONE MORE THING,IF YOUR GOING TO GIVE ME BULLSHIT
the Boss

dogging and glory-holes with Dee the doggingbitch

Its Dee here better known as doggingbitch, oh how I love that name, oh how I just love dogging

We had a busy season here in the UK and its not over yet but reports of it being much cooler and with the tail end of that hurricane that is heading this way Thanks to the Yanks for that sending it on to us from what we seen on our news then we all feel sorry for you all over that side the pond but try and keep them over there in future.

Because the colder weather will soon be on us then I think we should start looking for indoor venues for our Fun and I would also like to see if we can branch out and start a Glory-hole section and lets see if there is much interest in that like there is with World dogging, of course we now have a New Mistress running our site Goddessbird69 or the Boss and I don`t know how she feels about us on her site after all its some years now since we asked for a little space on the Notice Board and now we take up quite a lot of the site so I hope The Boss is into dogging and lets us continue or I feel sure that we can find a way to contribute to the running costs of this great site.

We are still looking for lots of your best dogging photos to post and get interest in our sport and now we hope to include glory-holes then please send your glory-hole pics in to me or the site

dee_dogging@mail.com  Now enjoy your dogging like me doggingbitch but always remember for safety then stay in a group and always practice SAFE SEX.


Tomorrow’s panties and socks for sale get bidding asap pigs your mistress needs paying 😂🐷🍑😈💅🏻👣👑

Tomorrow’s socks and pantys start bidding now slaves!!! 👣😈💦🐷🍑[/chttps://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/958965673325137920aption]

Men belong on collars with wallets in their mouth.

Hi im goddess loren and i love rinsing you and your wallets.

I am a Goddess in this fine world and i expect to be treated like one, I will not accept anything less. I am looking for loyal and obedient submissive piggy’s that thoroughly enjoy spoiling me and letting me rape their wallet in return of being treated how they deserve, like mutts.
I enjoy subs that want to spoil me regularly and that will keep me entertained and do as i say, i want to have them begging at my feet as i am so addictive you’ll never be the same after me again.
I am cruel, i will destroy you and your wallet but also understand that the relationship should remain honest and open, BDSM is all about trust and communication.
I am bratty, i am spoilt and i always get what i want and know how to get it.

I am 20 years old and Irish i have a very good career in art, I’m also an active make-up artist i take what i do here very seriously do not waste my time as i can never get it back, please understand i am a FINDOM and will talk about money/tributes,. I have an undying love for animals and i have two babies Lola and Lexi they are dogs one is a bichon and the other is maltese. I expect them to be treated like upmost royalty just like me.

I dont do wishlist buys unless it is a trusted / loyal sub, good little boys get good rewards, if youd like to take on my bills like phone/rent/essetials/shopping etc then drop me a message! also if youd like to serve me also message i dont bite.. uless youve been bold that is.

ANYHOW, thats enough about me for now, more about my kinks!

shopping, being spoilt, being bratty, owning you, making you my bitch, raping piggys wallet, sadism, forced intox, pvc, wet look leggings, sissys, dress up, call me daddy, chastity, humiliation, cuckholding, ass worship, boob worship, feet worship, just worship me in general like the goddess i am, draining you, consensual blackmail, ball busting,
Orgasm control, petplay, breath play, boot worship. etc etc you see the road of this!

If you think you could serve me well then dont be shy to message me i build relationships and friendships with my subs aswell as dominating them.

Websites you can find verification on both these.