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Looking for Mistress Scarlett

Dear Mistress Tammy.
I was recently lookng on your site and saw a wonderful mistress by the name of Scarlett. I was all ready to take the plunge, fill out the registeration form and make contact with Mistress Scarlett.
I was just wondering what has happened to her as she doesn’t seem to be on the site anymore. Would anybody be able to put me in contact with her?
I also saw that there were many pictures of men with the name of there mistress written on their cocks. I have one done that was for Mistress Scarlett that i have attatched.
Hope someone can help.   My  email 

Mistress that used to be on please contact

This Post is a message to let a very good Mistress from the past Who originates from the Chelmsford area UK that if she sorted her problems out Then her role of Mistress on this site is still available for her and she`s been sadly missed and can return at any time she likes, full time or part time the position is still open and you could return and continue where you left off and no one would be the wiser because only you know the reason so please mail admin at

Here is a few of the subs from the past, are you on here ? keep watching because lots more to follow soon
Whats that saying, “Once seen never forgot So a small tribute to the sexy undies fund makes sence dont you think ?
It just goes to prove Consensual blackmail is still alive and doing well although now under a different name so why not ask for a CBF document and do the test.
Mistress Haylee.

T girl mistress Tammy is looking for more servants

I’m looking for more willing subs who are after that extra something in a mistress. Email me at and I can make your life as miserable or as pleasant as you like.

I also offer an escort service so maybe I can help you if your fantasy is to fuck a t girl too.

Drop me a message, I don’t bite 😉 xxx



Question for Mistress Superior in The Monastery of Sin, Latest 4/25/2017

Hi to watchers and lookers and a fair few fuckers by all accounts from what I hear, I am Mistress Monique and my group is called “The Monastery of Sin” why call it that you may ask ? Well my other name is Mistress Superior that’s why and I must say that I am a little disappointed that a few more of you not signed on to Enter My Monastery because I can assure you the Sin is Capital S

so come on you can contact me on

Here is a question and answer section that you will find on my posts now and then.

Mistress Monique.


I had a Reader question come in via one of my older posts  regarding my observation that shorter chastity cages seem to work better than longer devices and are much more comfortable for the long-term.  I felt that my response was getting a bit too wordy for the comments section, so here we are with a new post!

Aonymous ask`s

I’m curious. Can you explain why having less space in the cage means less strain on the scrotum? From what you wrote, it sounds like the less space there is in the cage, the less the penis can grow. But in my experience, the penis will grow no matter what. The less room it has to grow outwards, the more the erection is pulled into the body, but the more pressure there also is for it to go outwards. Which means that the less space there is in the cage, the more strain there will be on the scrotum, not less.

  I am so sorry this review has gotten so long, but to sum it up: In my opinion you cannot go wrong with a Queen’s Keep for long term chastity! Or at the least, whatever other Mature Metal product might meet your personal needs/tastes!

Send your Questions` in to Mistress Monique.


I had some more great questions come in from a new reader, regarding (among other things) how to get the wife on board with male chastity and “convinced” her to keep me locked for longer periods.

1. How did you bring it up to your wife and did she show interest right away or did you have to slowly work into it?

2. How long did she lock you up for to begin with? (I read about your current status and lengthy lock up with enjoyment and excitement).

3. Did you have to tell her not to let you out/deny you at first? or did she take to it right away and keep you in? I ask this one because even though I have told my wife how much the thought of T&D in chastity excites me – including the denial part – she still hasn’t kept me locked more than 4 days so far.

4. Did your wife always enjoy her wand or is it something she had to get use to? I bought my wife a wand and a rabbit vibe based on everything I had read thinking that she would enjoy them and that would be a means for her to orgasm while keeping me locked but she has not shown interest in them saying that “they don’t do anything for me”.

5. Does she keep the keys hidden or does she wear one on a necklace/anklet/bracelet?

Thanks in advance for any answers/input. I’m hoping that she will eventually see the fun that can be had for her by being a more strict keyholder.

I am going to talk Mistress Lily into letting My Monastery of Sin group get Free Life Membership, I have already ran it over the bitches head, sorry Lily but you should let each Mistress run her group the way she wants to. I got told that if I do make that offer it will only last while the end of June  So if any of you guys want to have some fun and let all your Sin out then contact me soon and join my group @ The Monastery of Sin

Mistress Monique Superior



Stacy`s Racy Photos

Well we all now know just who the Mystery female is on that previous post.

It was A female called Stacy and she was checking our site out and I am pleased to say that Stacy wants to join our ranks and be known by the name “Mistress Stacy” and she is going to start a group sort of a Photo swap shop for want of a better word and I know for starters that Stacy got a Drop box overflowing with pics to show you all in good time, But for now then Stacy would like you to send in some pics of yours.

They could be pics of a Wife,Girlfriend,Husband, boyfriend,and she feels sure that at one time or another then most of us have been dumped/divorced left in the lurch so come on you all have pics that you want the world to see, So why not send them in to Stacy and for every one that you send in then she will post one of hers, You can even  remain anonymous just email your pics to Stacy or this site and they will go online so what you waiting for

If you see your photo on our site and you don’t like it then just email and say Lily please could you remove my photo, and it will be removed.

Escort service for all, place Free adverts


This site will now carry adverts and postings with photo`s to cover all manner of Escort services.

So if you are already a Guest Mistress on this site then please feel free to make use of this much needed service and post your adverts and for all those that would like to post adverts on the site but are not Guests on our site then please contact Mistress Lily

We offer this service to create more interest in the site, its a free service and our site gets lots of hits World wide so should be very interesting once it gets off the ground so “Dont forget keep looking at the site and who knows what you will find what ever country you live.

Mistress Haylee`s Stable is on the move so dont forget.

Hi Guys and Gals, its about time this site was back where it used to be before that checker guy got pissed and took all or most of the content off the site, well thats what I was told he was pissed out his ugly head and made hard work for us all so us Mistresses are going to put some life in this site and get it back to Pre Checker.

Right its quite obvious I would like all of you to join my Stable but then what will the other Mistresses be doing sat on there Fat arse all day No We dont give a shit who`s group you join You can join more than one if you wish just as long as you prove your genuine and not a time waster So come on out from behind that Cock, sorry I meant Rock and get contacting a Mistress, hell you got a nice choice to pick from too have you seen the Latest to be invited Did Mistress Lily have her sun shades on and did not notice the nice cock or was she looking at the tattoos What ever I think a T Girl or Mistress Tammy will go down well on this site, Good Choice you made there Lily and Mistress Tammy Sorry about my Joke Your Ok in my eyes and if ever you want to chat you know my email and that goes for all on this site there is nothing better than a bit of encouragement when a Mistress joins a new site for new beginings so even if your serving a Mistress then it dont hurt to drop Mistress Tammy a line even if its only Welcome and I think Lily needs to be told she`s etting it right once more.

Right then I hope I have not talked you all out of joining My group “The Stable” And I just want you to read this sent in only today

Hello miss haylee. I want to be your blackmail slave for life. Would you like that?  That was sent in by a time waster who I took the trouble to write to but to no avail it come back from

  • :
    football fan
  • To:     Saying address unknown So football fan please have the guts to put your real email address   Mistress Haylee.





Yes its now back to basics now all because I put my trust in that Bastard Checker and now all the hard work that Mistress OLa and her team then My colleagues was deleted at the blink of an eyelid, yes all gone and I can tell you the last time I well and truly shafted was at Uni by a teacher and I enjoyed that although it did get me expelled but Checker not only shafted me he shafted his self and all the team we had put together and YES THAT HURT US ALL.

Thank goodness most the team`s agreed with me that its back to basics so here is the present team who all say publish our email address along with their pics. Our site admin address

   Mistress Haylee, she calls her Group The Stable so why not contact Haylee to enquire about joing the Stable I been told that Mistress Haylee can make sure you get the ride of your life


The Postmistress, of course many of you know that`s Karina, who is going to run a Craigslist section but in general then Karina is a good all round Mistress the tart with a Heart is what Ola called her and what Karina does not know about being a Mistress then your bound to love serving her, You can put your stamp on her.

Monique, did you know that name is French for Madonna so she told me well she

  is Mistress Superior on our site and her section is called Monastery of Sin so no guessing what`s in store for you in there with Monique so why not contact this Superior looking lady and find out,

   Last but not least and bringing up the rear is Our Dom Master, Hey you better look over your shoulder with the Dom Master at your rear Fast Faster walk a bit faster LOL You would be shocked if you knew how many both guys and women who are wanting what he can offer, Are you one of them ?  if so then send your emails to         

May I just remind you that we are now back to basics and the sooner we can get back on the track the better so we all would like your support and NO ONE on our site is going to bite you and just a email saying Hi, hello or what ever to one or more from this list will show us that we are right to continue even if its back to basics So come on show us you Care.

Mistress Lily Mystique.

Very important News,Don`t Mail the Checker He`s a Traitor.

Mistress Lily here,

I would like all our loyal members and new comers  to accept my sincere apologies about the state of our website, Yes its been badly Sabotaged by none other than Checker its my own fault I put him in a position where he could do that I trusted him and you can see just what damage he`s done.

He Wiped out and destroyed lots of posts I think I was lucky to save the few that was left,

Checker will not get away with this and both Mistress Haylee and myself have lots of info on file on him, We even have a photo of his house in New Zealand, name of the street and number and loads of photos and a utility Bill That very soon his nearest and dearest are going to find out about.

HE WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE`S DONE  So keep watching this site.

In the meantime its going to take me some days maybe weeks to get back on track so I would like your support and even help in bringing the checker down and a few words of consolation from Both Mistresses and sub`s would be appreciated by All concerned.

My email :

And to Mail the site admin  :

Oh by the way for your loyalty and sticking by us in our hours of need while we get the site looking like it should be, Then there is no membership Fee what so ever and all Mistresses and Masters can use their own emails so basically its OPEN HOUSE you can contact who you like but I feel sure that any small tribute would be much appreciated by the Mistress of your choice.

And don`t forget keep your eye open for the EXPOSURE of that bastard Checker and spread his exposure World Wide.

Mistress Lily.