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As you can all see im back. Allow me to put a few things out there so we can cut the bullshit. I had zero intention of coming back. Im still questioning my sanity with this. When I was approached by Lily she continously asked me to take over this position. i weighed out all my options, took into consideration all the positives and negatives, went over ways to bring our stats up and increase our visitors and made my decision. I forewarned everyone that changes were coming. yes I asked yall to verify. in the state legal age of consent is 18. being that i am promoting our site on adult forums that are US based I have to be very careful. IP addresses can be traced.. theres a little info for you ladies that want to be anonymous. if i ask you to verify which im still requesting it lets me know whose still active on this site and it also allows me the oppurtunity to have some one on one time to dicuss things that are going on with the site. I will nevevr askof yall to do something I woluldnt domyself and I would never do anthing to putt the site in harms way. my job is to protect and efficently run this site.i cant do it alone but i also refuse topartiipate if the right hand doesnt now what the left hand is doing….so QUIT FIGHTING THE CHANGES AND HELP ME MAKE OUR KINGDOM GREAT!!!!! ONE MORE THING,IF YOUR GOING TO GIVE ME BULLSHIT
the Boss

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Day two of our little Kinky Getaway; it was a long travel day since we opted to drive all the way to the Florida Keys rather than fly. But driving does have its advantages, as we can pack a lot more into the van to bring along with us than what we’d have been able to put on a plane! Especially when it comes to fun toys to use in the bedroom. A lot of the things we packed would have had to stay home if we’d been flying on this trip. Especially the BIG toys, like my next surprise for Angel!

This gift has been in the works for a long time, like several years now… But we’re pretty much pulling out all the stops for this trip, there’s nothing held back or completely off-limits! Angel has been well acquainted for a while now with the Hitachi Magic Wand, and there is nothing else that has ever been able to get her off as hard or as often as that, until now when I introduced her to the fabled Sybian! IF you’ve never heard of this machine before, go Google it… but not now, you should finish reading MY account of it first! Lol

To back this story up a bit, I actually first heard of these a few years ago when I was out in Vegas for a work conference. I was there with a couple of co-workers, one of whom goes there at least a few times a year with his fiancée so he knows the area quite well and was able to sort of be our guide in the evenings when the work stuff was completed. Anyway, bound to a promise to never tell the fiancée that we know about it (thus no names will ever be mentioned here!) I was advised that evidently in Vegas there are actually services where you can RENT a Sybian by the day. It was HIGHLY recommended to look into that if I ever had the chance to be out there with my wife, as it is supposedly the best experience ever for a woman! Of course that conversation piqued my interest at least enough to do some more investigating, and let’s just say… WOW! It certainly did not take an over-abundance of videos to know that I HAD to give this experience to Angel some day!

Unfortunately us going to Vegas together (and alone) probably isn’t going to be in the cards for a long time, and even more unfortunately, that seems to be the only market in the country which actually has rentals available. It seems like that could be a great business opportunity waiting to be tapped in lots of other cities as well! So the only other option, is to just buy one outright. So after lots of research and saving, I am proud to be the owner of a Sybian machine, with ALL of the attachments! 🙂

Even owning the machine, it has been interesting trying to come up with the best way to introduce Angel to it. I’ve wanted it to be something “special,” not just a quickie in the house when we’ve sent the kids elsewhere for a few hours. Storing it has also been interesting, as we have a pretty small house so I can’t exactly just keep it in the closet of the master bedroom ready to go at a moment’s notice. So I’ve had it locked in a case in a corner of the basement, out of sight from the prying eyes of inquisitive children.

But as I said, for this trip we’re pulling out ALL the stops! I moved the Sybian over to its own small suitcase and put a lock on it so I could bring it along without Angel knowing what was inside until the right time. I decided to bring it out on the second night of our trip so Angel could experience it early, and still have an entire week to enjoy herself on it as much and as often as she wants before we would have to put it away again for a while! For our accomodations that night we managed to get a free upgrade to a two-bedroom suite, so it was kind of perfect to have a chance to set up in the second bedroom! I told Angel that I was going to have a surprise for her, then disappeared to get things ready.

20170610_222240Once ready to go, I went back to get Angel, who had already slipped into some of her favorite lingerie. The Jail Bird was soo tight on me the entire time, anticipating what was about to happen! I slid a blindfold over Angel’s eyes and led her back into the second bedroom, whispering in her ear the whole time that she was about to have an experience that just MIGHT blow even her Magic Wand out of the water! She was getting so worked up at the thought, that by the time we got there I didn’t even want to start straight with the Sybian. Instead I leaned her back on the bed and went to work with my tongue, revelling in how wet she ALREADY was, and letting her turn on the water-works even more all over my face!

As Angel came down from her first big orgasm of the night, I helped her up and over to the Sybian. I wanted it to be more than the Magic Wand, but not too overwhelming. So rather than just the small “nub” vibrating attachment I opted for the smallest penetrating one. With a small amount of lube it slipped right into Angel and her first ride began…

Of course I stayed on my knees right in front of Angel, so she would have someone to hold onto as things became more intense. I started with only turning on the vibrations, letting her get accustomed to this position on her “saddle.” As she began getting used to it I turned on the rotation as well. Slowly at first, and gradually increasing the power of BOTH the rotation and vibration. It was not long at all before Angel was COMPLETELY lost in the moment and I had a front row seat to truly the greatest show on earth as she was brought to one mind-blowing orgasm after another!

canstockphoto2423904If I wasn’t locked in a chastity device I’m quite sure it would have been over for me as well, one way or another! But as it was I still got to experience all of the Highs and (very brief) Lows right along with Angel on her little roller coaster ride of ecstasy!

I know that cuckolding is a pretty big fantasy for a lot of guys in chastity, and I’m sure that actually does work in some relationships to let the wife have sex with other guys while hubby is either back home alone or in some cases perhaps allowed to watch and/or participate in a limited capacity. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but very close! Angel is just getting her pleasure from a machine rather than another man, but being able to watch her reach heights that I could never get her to alone… I can completely see the appeal of being a cuckold!

I can now proudly report that not only have I been cuckolded by a Sybian, but it has been one of the hottest, most memorable experiences of my life! I hope to be able to do this MUCH more in the weeks, months, and even years ahead!

Now… Go ahead and go Google “Sybian” if you’ve never seen one in action.  You won’t be disappointed!

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