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Now I was never lucky enough to meet Ola Fetish face on but she did contact me and made me the manager of her website a year or so ago then Bird or The Boss moved in and I was demoted to the admin area and for some time now I have had a strange feeling she was here before me.
Yes that’s right I am almost positive that Bird or The Boss is none other than Ola Fetish, of course I got no proof and if Bird is not Ola then she is working the site like she did with new ideas so Ola must be directing proceedings.
Lets look at the evidence, First the way she gets things done and other Mistresses respect her and her new theme of animal kingdom its a new idea never launched before and from what I heard of Ola then its some thing she would trial out and if you go to one of her posts she gave the game away
its title ” Ola to all our faithful followers” look yourself if you don’t believe me
Yes I think Bird is Ola The Top Dog The Top Bitch, the one who calls all the shots and keeps all the animals in line Her name may be Bird that flew off Noah’s Ark and sited land but who was stood on the deck of the Ark keeping order Was it Ola Fetish ? I will leave you followers to decide.

Lily in admin.

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Where are my puppies at?

Hello, my pets

it may come as no surprise to you that i cater to almost every fetish (email me to enquire) and i don’t judge anyone (unless thats what you want 😉 ) so why not enter my animal queendom and tell me your deepest and darkest fantasies. Your most intimate secrets are safe with me! You can tell me whatever you want.

I’m not just after money, although which goddess/mistress can live without it? And if you have the funds for it i definitely expect to be gifted 😉

Email me for a slave application, puppies and i’ll get back to you ASAP!


Stay loyal,

Never yours,

Selena xxx

Why not join Haylee`s Stable its so easy.

Hi its Mistress Haylee  and I am now recruiting new members for my Stable.

Just wanted you to see some pics from a very loyal and trusting sub slave screwme-often he`s been in my Stable for some time now and he could not be happier and you can judge by his photos and letter just ask yourself would you wear a ball cracker for a Mistress and believe me he screws down those knobs until I say stop, now for those of you reading this and thinking of finding and serving a Mistress then its so easy to make the first move and apply to join my Stable.              All you need to do is write Haylee some where on your body and send it to  then I will get back to you, oh and by the way you are not forced to write it on your private parts any place on the body will do its just my way of proving you really do want to contact me and interested in my Stable.

Now here is one of screwme-often early emails with two pics.

Hello Mistress Haylee.
I am sat downstairs in front of the computer that we have linked up to the main TV. I have put the CBF in an email addressed to you and I have been reading through it. I instantly got a hard on and I so want you to have all this sat in a pair of Jane`s  pants and I have taken a few photos as proof.
I have had cuckold thoughts and being forced to suck cock repulses me a bit but I do think about what it would be like. I’m pretty messed up with some of my thoughts I guess so I could prob do it if forced.
Thank you Mistress Haylee

Now here is screwme-often latest pics and he is still enjoying being under contract and serving me and he knows that if he does not obey then his Balls will suffer and Jane will notice. I have ordered him to write a email to let people know joining My Stable was the best thing he ever done and if he dont hurry up and send it then there will be another two full turns on his Ball cracker,Not all subs ask for Consensual blackmail or CBF  for short so dont let the pics or words put you off contact me and my Stable and lets have some Fetish Fun.   Mistress Haylee.

Men belong on collars with wallets in their mouth.

Hi im goddess loren and i love rinsing you and your wallets.

I am a Goddess in this fine world and i expect to be treated like one, I will not accept anything less. I am looking for loyal and obedient submissive piggy’s that thoroughly enjoy spoiling me and letting me rape their wallet in return of being treated how they deserve, like mutts.
I enjoy subs that want to spoil me regularly and that will keep me entertained and do as i say, i want to have them begging at my feet as i am so addictive you’ll never be the same after me again.
I am cruel, i will destroy you and your wallet but also understand that the relationship should remain honest and open, BDSM is all about trust and communication.
I am bratty, i am spoilt and i always get what i want and know how to get it.

I am 20 years old and Irish i have a very good career in art, I’m also an active make-up artist i take what i do here very seriously do not waste my time as i can never get it back, please understand i am a FINDOM and will talk about money/tributes,. I have an undying love for animals and i have two babies Lola and Lexi they are dogs one is a bichon and the other is maltese. I expect them to be treated like upmost royalty just like me.

I dont do wishlist buys unless it is a trusted / loyal sub, good little boys get good rewards, if youd like to take on my bills like phone/rent/essetials/shopping etc then drop me a message! also if youd like to serve me also message i dont bite.. uless youve been bold that is.

ANYHOW, thats enough about me for now, more about my kinks!

shopping, being spoilt, being bratty, owning you, making you my bitch, raping piggys wallet, sadism, forced intox, pvc, wet look leggings, sissys, dress up, call me daddy, chastity, humiliation, cuckholding, ass worship, boob worship, feet worship, just worship me in general like the goddess i am, draining you, consensual blackmail, ball busting,
Orgasm control, petplay, breath play, boot worship. etc etc you see the road of this!

If you think you could serve me well then dont be shy to message me i build relationships and friendships with my subs aswell as dominating them.

Websites you can find verification on both these.

Princess blu accepting new piggies

Hello everyone,

Im Princess Blu, 21 from the UK.  Standing at 5’2 with size 4.5 feet, curvy but slim ebony goddess.  I enjoy humilating and degragding men aswell as spending their money while i do, i love cbt and forced intox aswell as sissys and fetish blackmail. I am a findom brat , that will start releasing more custom videos for  foot fetishes, chastity, edging, worship, as well as selling shoes, underwear and bodily fluids. skype sessions and kik sessions available.

I am looking to create a group for piggies and subs as a place to serve and worship me, in this group will give you easy access to me where you’ll see how quickly youll crave for more of me.

Come and release your dark fantasies while i play with your mind and pocket…..


Hello everyone!

I’m Goddess Selena, I’m 21, 5″10, curvy and have a love for fishnets and spending a humiliated betas money.

I’m looking to create a group of sub slaves and perverts to serve me as I desire and deserve, you’ll quickly get addicted.

I am primarily a fandom brat , however I do cater to foot fetishes, humiliation, chastity, edging, worship, lingerie pics, selling pretty much whatever you perverts can “cum” up with  and skype sessions.

So, what are you waiting for?


Suck Buddy for Samantha.

Hi guys, its the Postmistress here better known by Mistress Karina and I would like to find a well hung suck buddy for my sub Sam better known Samantha, Here is the latest email and a few pics that Sam sent in please read it all

Dear Mistress Karina
I promised you some extra naughty photos of me dressed and being a sissy slut. I wasn’t sure if I should send them but with all the extra competition on olafetish I thought you needed some new material to work with so here they are!

Did you get many men wanting me to be their cocksucker last time? I did get an email from shoe and he doesn’t live too far away but when I replied I didn’t get an answer.
I was thinking that if you found a man that could travel to me you could have on going posts about setting me up as you’re cock whore, sending me shopping for a slutty outfit to wear for my man and me eventually becoming you’re sissy cocksucking slave. That will surely make you the most regular posting and popular Domme on olafetish and most likely to take charge.
Love Samantha x
Samantha lives in the North of  England and you can read from his words that she wants to please Mistress and can`t wait to fnd a suck buddy and I feel sure that there is lots of guys out there who will be sending in their details and saying Samantha can suck this anytime, I would also like to know from you guys whats the thoughts of Body hair, I myself think that Samantha should be shaved smooth so your thoughts on that one too and all your emails should be sent to me Mistress Karina 
with Samantha on the subject line Now this should be interesting and Maybe we will soon be seeing some shaving pics ?  I have been told that a guy can`t shave without getting a Big hard on I wonder.
Mistress Karina Postmistress.

The Competition


My Competition.

In view of the number of entries that have flooded in so far to My Competition, the amount of work involved in sorting through them, I have decided to extend the closing date at this stage to 31 August 2017. However, if entries continue at the current rate of flow this date may also change.

Further, I am now telling You subs to classify your Cock entries with My pics into one of the following categories:

  • The Oldest Cock – here You will also need to give Me Your age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The longest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Smallest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Thickest Cock – here You will need to give Me the circumference of Your Cock at the thickest point on Your shaft
  • The Youngest Cock – here You will need to give Me Your age which must be no lower than 18 years – You must be of legal age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The Horniest Cock – here You must be between 18 to 25 years old. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)

Example 1

Below I have displayed a number of other entries received  but that’s not to say that those submitters can redo their entries in the competition if they wish to meet all of the above criteria.

If You would like Exposure, then My Competition is the way to go with a pic of Your Dick with My name on it along with 2 pics of Me from My dropbox at:

Remember your entry is to be sent to Me at: no later than 31 August 2017.

A few horny Dick pics recently sent to me follow (I have oodles more of these that I will add gradually to this post):

In addition to the above main competition, I would like you to all to send in pics of Cocks You have found online on any websites. You may send these in to My email address  (as above) clearly labelled “Cocks Online“. You can send these in anonymously or if you wish with Your Name and the Country You live in. The later information will help me gauge in what Country most viewings of My website take place.

Mistress Stacy

Meet Samantha

Hi Loyal followers and Cavern members Here is a new sub of mine who is called Samantha who lives in the North of England and guess what Sam is just like a lot of subs she loves dressing up, cross dressing and is an out and out cock whore who is longing to suck some cockand Sam says it will be a first but I got the feeling that he/she is holding out on Mistress and his wife and sucked cock before but have no fear Sam you will be sucking cock soon or my name`s not

Mistress Karina.

  Meet Samantha and if you wan`t your cock sucked by Samantha then send in a pic of your cock

remain anonymous just send to



“Lily The Greedy Bitch”

Yes you read the Heading right Mistress Lily is now known by the name GREEDY BITCH

“Lily The Greedy Bitch”

I found being a Nice Mistress was not bringing in much hard earned ££££ and $$$$$ and when a Cock whore come along and asked to be rinsed then Nice was not an option and now that cock whore is known as Bitchboy and he is under contract to me and he gets turned on while being rinsed and Mistress Greedy Bitch is now in full control of Bitchboy`s Bank cards and Paypal and after rinsing him today at 4:00pm to 5:00 pm then Bitchboy will be in chastity like the trial pic shows, however his cock lock is too small for his thick cock so if anyone got info where to fit him up with the right cage then please forward the info.

Also Mistress Greedy is looking for more Cock Whore`s who would love to have fun and hand over some hard earned to Mistress Greedy Bitch then contact me on

“The Greedy Bitch”                       


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Lots of cucks visit this site.

Personal experiences in the world of Male Chastity


Day two of our little Kinky Getaway; it was a long travel day since we opted to drive all the way to the Florida Keys rather than fly. But driving does have its advantages, as we can pack a lot more into the van to bring along with us than what we’d have been able to put on a plane! Especially when it comes to fun toys to use in the bedroom. A lot of the things we packed would have had to stay home if we’d been flying on this trip. Especially the BIG toys, like my next surprise for Angel!

This gift has been in the works for a long time, like several years now… But we’re pretty much pulling out all the stops for this trip, there’s nothing held back or completely off-limits! Angel has been well acquainted for a while now with the Hitachi Magic Wand, and there is nothing else that has ever been able to get her off as hard or as often as that, until now when I introduced her to the fabled Sybian! IF you’ve never heard of this machine before, go Google it… but not now, you should finish reading MY account of it first! Lol

To back this story up a bit, I actually first heard of these a few years ago when I was out in Vegas for a work conference. I was there with a couple of co-workers, one of whom goes there at least a few times a year with his fiancée so he knows the area quite well and was able to sort of be our guide in the evenings when the work stuff was completed. Anyway, bound to a promise to never tell the fiancée that we know about it (thus no names will ever be mentioned here!) I was advised that evidently in Vegas there are actually services where you can RENT a Sybian by the day. It was HIGHLY recommended to look into that if I ever had the chance to be out there with my wife, as it is supposedly the best experience ever for a woman! Of course that conversation piqued my interest at least enough to do some more investigating, and let’s just say… WOW! It certainly did not take an over-abundance of videos to know that I HAD to give this experience to Angel some day!

Unfortunately us going to Vegas together (and alone) probably isn’t going to be in the cards for a long time, and even more unfortunately, that seems to be the only market in the country which actually has rentals available. It seems like that could be a great business opportunity waiting to be tapped in lots of other cities as well! So the only other option, is to just buy one outright. So after lots of research and saving, I am proud to be the owner of a Sybian machine, with ALL of the attachments! 🙂

Even owning the machine, it has been interesting trying to come up with the best way to introduce Angel to it. I’ve wanted it to be something “special,” not just a quickie in the house when we’ve sent the kids elsewhere for a few hours. Storing it has also been interesting, as we have a pretty small house so I can’t exactly just keep it in the closet of the master bedroom ready to go at a moment’s notice. So I’ve had it locked in a case in a corner of the basement, out of sight from the prying eyes of inquisitive children.

But as I said, for this trip we’re pulling out ALL the stops! I moved the Sybian over to its own small suitcase and put a lock on it so I could bring it along without Angel knowing what was inside until the right time. I decided to bring it out on the second night of our trip so Angel could experience it early, and still have an entire week to enjoy herself on it as much and as often as she wants before we would have to put it away again for a while! For our accomodations that night we managed to get a free upgrade to a two-bedroom suite, so it was kind of perfect to have a chance to set up in the second bedroom! I told Angel that I was going to have a surprise for her, then disappeared to get things ready.

20170610_222240Once ready to go, I went back to get Angel, who had already slipped into some of her favorite lingerie. The Jail Bird was soo tight on me the entire time, anticipating what was about to happen! I slid a blindfold over Angel’s eyes and led her back into the second bedroom, whispering in her ear the whole time that she was about to have an experience that just MIGHT blow even her Magic Wand out of the water! She was getting so worked up at the thought, that by the time we got there I didn’t even want to start straight with the Sybian. Instead I leaned her back on the bed and went to work with my tongue, revelling in how wet she ALREADY was, and letting her turn on the water-works even more all over my face!

As Angel came down from her first big orgasm of the night, I helped her up and over to the Sybian. I wanted it to be more than the Magic Wand, but not too overwhelming. So rather than just the small “nub” vibrating attachment I opted for the smallest penetrating one. With a small amount of lube it slipped right into Angel and her first ride began…

Of course I stayed on my knees right in front of Angel, so she would have someone to hold onto as things became more intense. I started with only turning on the vibrations, letting her get accustomed to this position on her “saddle.” As she began getting used to it I turned on the rotation as well. Slowly at first, and gradually increasing the power of BOTH the rotation and vibration. It was not long at all before Angel was COMPLETELY lost in the moment and I had a front row seat to truly the greatest show on earth as she was brought to one mind-blowing orgasm after another!

canstockphoto2423904If I wasn’t locked in a chastity device I’m quite sure it would have been over for me as well, one way or another! But as it was I still got to experience all of the Highs and (very brief) Lows right along with Angel on her little roller coaster ride of ecstasy!

I know that cuckolding is a pretty big fantasy for a lot of guys in chastity, and I’m sure that actually does work in some relationships to let the wife have sex with other guys while hubby is either back home alone or in some cases perhaps allowed to watch and/or participate in a limited capacity. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but very close! Angel is just getting her pleasure from a machine rather than another man, but being able to watch her reach heights that I could never get her to alone… I can completely see the appeal of being a cuckold!

I can now proudly report that not only have I been cuckolded by a Sybian, but it has been one of the hottest, most memorable experiences of my life! I hope to be able to do this MUCH more in the weeks, months, and even years ahead!

Now… Go ahead and go Google “Sybian” if you’ve never seen one in action.  You won’t be disappointed!

Fetish Women on



For those of you who don’t know about Domme Mistresses and how they work then I want you to know that we have only got a very Famous Mistress who is a guest on our site Yes we are lucky enough to have a World class Mistress by the name of Mistress Courtney she is only here on a temporary basis lets hope its a long one and once you have all taken a look at how this lady works when you click on her site then You like Me will be amazed at just how good this lady is.

Yes please click on her link, it don`t matter if you don’t come back on our site the same day because I just know you will enjoy Mistress Courtney very much.

Even all us Mistresses on can learn a lot from this lady so lets hope enough of you contact her and let her know your thoughts then maybe she will keep her link and be a long term guest for us all.

Welcome Mistress Courtney.

From Mistress Lily and all the team