Domination For Sub Men and women with Mistress Stacy.

Hello all you sex mad Men and Women and all who I hope wants to join my group and sort of get down and Dirty as the saying goes mmmmm oh yes.

Well first of all I have set up a new email so we can use it just for This site and in case you did not know its

So to get a much faster reply then please use it, What am I doing saying please I got the SHOUT in here so don’t forget that,

Now I am looking to swell my group and to do that then I need some of you horny bastards in my group I will tell you more later about your roles but for now then There is a job that`s become Vacant within my group I need a site Manager who will be given the job of running my group when I am not about this role could be long term for the right applicant So get those CVs in to me now

The role will be Manager and only answer to me not to anyone on the web site

You will control sub slaves and if necessary bring them to heel, you will be in charge of the positioning and distribution of my photos world wide and to keep his eye on the ball regarding the legal side of things.

There will be good rewards for the right applicant and more instruction will be given out once we have some more CV`s so why not contact Mistress Stacy on the above email? Oh and it does not matter what country you live in you will be given Full access to the admin area if chosen so get in contact Now.

Mistress Stacy. I am still seeking horny sub slaves for my group and some of your duties ill be to post my pics in public places and to send your pics to me, you will get the choice of pics from my Dropbox but in general the photos that you pin up and leave in public places are like the ones below.

Mistress Stacy.

. Bitchboy Caged.



In view of the number of entries that have flooded in so far to My Competition, the amount of work involved in sorting through them, I have decided to extend the closing date at this stage to 31 August 2017. However, if entries continue at the current rate of flow this date may also change.

Further, I am now telling You subs to classify your Cock entries with My pics into one of the following categories:

  • The Oldest Cock – here You will also need to give Me Your age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The longest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Smallest Cock – here You will also need to give Me in millimetres the length of Your shaft only NOT Your Balls as well
  • The Thickest Cock – here You will need to give Me the circumference of Your Cock at the thickest point on Your shaft
  • The Youngest Cock – here You will need to give Me Your age which must be no lower than 18 years – You must be of legal age. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)
  • The Horniest Cock – here You must be between 18 to 25 years old. Proof of date of Your birth must be provided (e.g. Your Birth Certificate)

All pics entered in My Competition must have My name printed on Your Cock and display at least 2 of My pics – see example 1 below.

Example 1

Below I have displayed a number of other entries received of Cocks that do not meet the above criteria, but that’s not to say that those submitters can redo their entries in the competition if they wish to meet all of the above criteria.

Please note that I may soon move this post to My “About Me” page.

If You would like Exposure, then My Competition is the way to go with a pic of Your Dick with My name on it along with 2 pics of Me from My dropbox at:

Remember your entry is to be sent to Me at: no later than 31 August 2017.

A few horny Dick pics recently sent to me follow (I have oodles more of these that I will add gradually to this post):

In addition to the above main competition, I would like you to all to send in pics of Cocks You have found online on any websites. You may send these in to My email address  (as above) clearly labelled “Cocks Online“. You can send these in anonymously or if you wish with Your Name and the Country You live in. The later information will help me gauge in what Country most viewings of My website take place.

Mistress Stacy



Naked Men                                 

Check out Mistress Stacy`s Dropbox pics :And you can access my photos any time if you go in my Dropbox

What is Financial Domination? and How YOU can serve a Mistress.

Hello, my name is Lily Mystique.
I am a young and sexy student looking to  follow on in Mistress Ola`s footsteps and have the best site of this nature online and collect many submissive Male & Female members interested in joining my Lagoon. I am the youngest Mistress you will find online so if you’re looking for some excitement then why not check this site out.
Some of you may know that I was invited to join this site nearly one year ago and when Ola wanted some time out she asked all you loyal followers to vote a new mistress to take over the site lock stock and barrel, Yes that’s me Mistress Lily
At first I said that I would change the theme and even thought about kicking out all the other Mistresses but then I thought under Ola then this was always a open site a place where other Mistresses like Haylee could come along and start there own section, yes there was opportunities Like Ola gave me for any Mistress to come along and make a name for them self so for the time being then I am not about to change that and if any Mistress is looking to form a group or a Master for that matter then contact Me.
Mistress Lily Mystique promise you all that she would have Big changes on this site and she sure started to do that with the Help of her Mistresses, Out went the words Consensual blackmail the site sub title is now   “Lily`s Safe Deposit For Dark Secrets”   And there was always more than one Mistress on our site and now Mistress Lily & her Mistresses and a few Masters all under the same group called  ” Mistress Lily Mystique`s Community of selected Guest Mistresses and Masters.”

Your Bitchboy sent you £50.00 GBP
Note from Bitchboy
quote Many thanks for the loan and Yes it will be £100 at the end of each month for sure. quote

Transaction Details


Mistress Lily.          Why not check us out on
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