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  1. Hi Barnstormer and to all who visit our site, We now have a new owner taking over I have not known about this myself until late last night, The new Mistress owner is Madame Chaya and I was told to give her all the assistance she needs to get installed on the site.
    I was also told that the site will still take on guest Mistresses and there will be no changes for all those that are posting on the site your still welcome to use the site.
    I would also like to say that I don`t dish out the orders on the site I just carry them out in my admin role and I will continue to serve Madame Chaya like I done with others.

    Lily in admin

  2. All,

    I am the new owner of

    Henceforth, it is:

    Madame Chaya’s Domme Boudoir.

    I will be restructuring the site with Lily Mystique’s assistance.

    There will be new guidelines and boundaries set for both Dommes and subs in the coming days. I am also aware of some disruptive energies and these will be addressed. As registered individuals at my Domme Boudoir, you will be regarded as guests…whether Domme, Dom or sub and abiding by the terms is expected if you wish to retain your standing invitations.

    I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you.

    Madame Chaya

  3. Members,

    Site is under significant visual construction. Please bear with as I make changes. We will be having some new Dommes and Doms for you all soon.

    Madame Chaya

  4. New Domme Profiles will be on the content pages with their email address and payment methods. No more searching through posts to find a Mistress Domme you are seeking.

    I have also added an interactive game room for finsubs.

  5. Happy Thursday!
    I appreciate everyone here being patient as we make so many changes!
    At present, all your beloved Dommes and fetish providers are still available as before and I am working to build distinct, beautiful new profiles for them.

    If there are features you would like to see at the Domme Boudoir please let myself or Lily Mystique know.

    Madame Chaya

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